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Feng Shui Tips to Prepare for A Successful New Year!

Well, another year is leaving us, the year of the Snake.  It was filled with some great things but also some real challenges.  Auto-Coins goldimmune issues, viruses, tsunami’s, floods, etc.  The coming 2014 will be gentler and more optimistic.  More on the year of the Horse in our January Blog.

To prepare for this exciting year it is important to look at what we have accomplished so far and to be grateful.  It is a time of reflection.  We spend a lot of time in December with holidays that we can forget what the end of the year represents.  It is a time of letting go.  The Snake year of 2013 was all about shedding the skin.  We must also  have good feng shui going into the new year to have success.

Here are some Key Feng Shui Tips for “Shedding the old and making way for the New Year”: 

1) Burn what you don’t want in 2014.  Write down everything you don’t need or want in the new year and burn it.  Do this alone or with a friend.  Seeing it burn helps you release  it.

2)  De-clutter.   In feng shui, a big concept is clutter.  While not a term in classical feng shui as 4,000 yrs. ago people didn’t use that word, too many objects in an area were still known to stop energy flow.  Objects have energy and too many can cause stagnation.  Clutter holds us back. It is as if we had a huge boulder in front of us not allowing us to pass.  Clutter can be with  clothing, emails, and  people as well.

 3) Pick a life area to improve.  Everything is about energy and in feng shui everything means something.  Begin with getting rid of anything you don’t need or love or want to bring into 2014.  This can be a big job if you have not been doing this all year.  So pick a life area you want to improve or grow and work on it first.

4) Write an Intention around  your desires.  ” I have a great career” or “I have plenty of money to do all I want.” This action sets things in motion.

5) Have good Chi Flow.  Do you know how to tell if your house has good chi flow?  Imagine water flowing into your home through the front door.  Are there areas that would hold water or be stagnant?  Are there areas in the home  where the water would flow smoothly.  This indicates that chi would flow that way as well.

6) Clear Your Space.  Do some smudging with a sage bundle stick or some essential oil sprays.  Open up doors and windows while doing this process.  This helps the space feel fresh and new again.

7) Move some things around.  If your 2013 wasn’t all you wanted it to be, move some things around.  Moving causes change.

8) Set the stage for Success.   Set up your office in the most professional and elegant way possible if you want more business and to attract wealthy clients.  Set up your bedroom so it feels nurturing and loving if you want a relationship.  Act as IF.

2014 Year of the Horse flying stars and forecasts are coming soon.  You will be able to remedy your home or enhance it with the cures we will provide in January so you can have the most successful year ever!  Be on the watch by either signing up for our newsletter on our website, or signing up for our Blog.  Please share our Blog with your friends.

Join us for our Annual Abundance Class where you can bring your floorplan and we can install 2014 cures right on site.  Saturday, January 25th.  1pm to 4pm.  $75.00 in advance or $85.00 at the door.  Pay by paypal on our website.  More details there and on your Jan. blog.

Have the happiest holidays and a prosperous New Year!


Belinda Mendoza

Author of “Feng Shui For The Loss of a Pet”

Feng Shui Master/Teacher

East and West Methods

Design For Energy



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