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2013 Feng Shui Forecast and Year’s Cures Packet

Hello and Hope You Are Having a Great Year so Far!

If not, remember these things:

2013 Flying Star

The Solar Calendar of the West begins in Jan. of each year.  It is a time we normally think about setting new goals.  The  Lunar calendar began on February 10th  shifting from Yang Water Dragon to smaller Yin Water Snake.   The snake  is powerful, enticing, sensual, destructive, and transformative.  Its that time to be setting new Intentions and energizing your home and office for success.  Some people like assistance setting up their space to attract the good energies for the year.   E-mail us or call us to set up your session today.

Snake Forecast:  There will be more economic difficulties in the US and more strife especially in the  Middle East and East.  Continued terrorist and sneak attacks.  Pearl Harbor was attacked in a Snake Year.  Diseases  such as viruses and stomach problems on the rise.   We are already seeing that with the flu going around.  So take your vitamins and wash your hands more this year!    More sexually transmitted diseases and an increase in AIDS and HIV.  If you are a Monkey, Tiger, Pig or a Snake, health is important for you this year.  Get extra rest and boost that immune system.  Beware of gossip mongers.   Good news is that  travel will increase.   There is money in sales.  Good year for entrepeneurs.  Real Estate will improve.  Increase in film and movie industry.  Read individual sectors for areas they influence this year.

Gold is the big color for the year so wear it, decorate with it,  use it wherever you can.  Jewelry, gold wallet, purse, shoes, gold -leafed  items.  Add gold buddhas to your decor.  Blues and Reds are also great for that Water and Fire energy of the Snake.

Water Snake year will be a year of shifts both good and bad.  It is a time to remove the old skin like a snake does and get rid of anything not supporting you.  Let go of attachments.  De-clutter to attract more opportunities, lose weight if you choose for more energy and confidence, get rid of old romances or dalliances or friends not supporting you,  and make way for new beginnings.

It is said that all the stars are potent this year as they are “all flying home”.   This makes for a very potent year.   All the stars are at their full capacity.   We want to take advantage of all the prosperous energies coming in this year and mitigate the harmful ones.  There are several challenging sectors in the home this year as well as some attracting wealth. The more you spend your time in a certain room the more potent the stars are.   Our offices, bedrooms, or front door may  need to be remedied as they will be activated.   I make an effort each year to simplify this information for you that comes from several of my favorite  masters.  Here are some things to be aware of this year…

Areas of Concern:

5 Center is the  Yellow which is Disaster and Danger.  Use metal or play music here.  You can use windchimes, bells, place a metal sculpture.  Add 6 metal coins for prosperity.  Kitchen or bedroom needs a six rod windchime.  5 element pagoda if SW is in bedroom.  Place a bagua mirror on front door if your house faces SW.

3  East is the Illness Star and Arguments.  Oldest son; Family issues;  Add Fire.  Use the color red, candles,  red tassles, red quan yin or laughing buddha, or lighting here.  Red shirts for the boys.  Golden laughing buddhas;  2 foo dogs and a dragon or any other strong animal figurine; Do not sit with back to the East.  Face it.   Legal issues.   Take vacations.  Travel diffuses the bad energy.

4 Southeast is the Grand Duke again.  Misfortune.   NO digging up the earth or remodeling in this area.  Keep quiet and try not to disturb. Hang a 6 rod metal windchime.

But, if not for Grand Duke position, normally SE is a lucky sector… so, for anyone who teaches, writes, communicates, and for love,  it is a good sector.    Investments good.  Do not face the Grand Duke (SE).  The area is smaller this year at 142.5-157.5 degrees.  Be sure to use a compass.  Rose quartz for love and romance; 2 love birds or mandarin ducks;   9 level pagoda for protection; quan yin statue to carry in your purse or other spiritual amulet for protection;  Quan Yin statues.  No water here.

! Actually,  no digging in the Center, Southwest or Southeast this year.  Place bagua mirrors on your front door if your home or business is facing any of these directions.

2 Southwest is Sickness.  It is especially bad for women this year.  Abdomen.  Tension in relationships. Place a bronze statue to fortify health. Wear or carry a spiritual amulet in metal.  Fans help.  Hang a 6 rod windchime.  6 chinese coins. Pendulum clock.  5 element pagoda.  Ring metal singing bowls periodically to disperse negative energy.  Lots of lush green plants around.  Fresh flowers all year will do wonders.  Remember to take care of your landscaping.  Keep it quiet.  Needs metal and anything that is happiness.  Gold happiness buddhas; brass dragons or wealth gods.

7 West is Violence.    Place a glass jar with water and bamboo here for money luck.  Blue rhinos or buddhas or a water pond also good here.  Don’t leave your pets alone with children.  Animal bites.  Bullying.  Have your kids wear blue.  Love birds for romance luck.  No metal here.

Good Sectors!

1  North is bringing in good fortune this year.  If your front door is facing North, expect good financial luck.   Moving metal.  Golden bells in your office to bring in money.  Place a strong metal windchime in this area.  Television in North part of home or office will activate this lucky star.  Place 6 lucky chinese coins or a coin tree for added abundance.  Water or water symbols also help.  Prosperity frogs.

8 Northeast is great for wealth this year.  Great for making things with your hands.   Writing, Crafts, conducting.  Good year for making money decisions.  Add beautiful vases or earth objects.  Crystal balls or globes also activate wealth here.  Not too many plants.  Add lights as it stimulates your mind for ideas.  Whatever living space you use, activate the NW corner of that room. Red laughing buddha.  8 coins on red string with tassle.  3 legged prosperity frogs.  Treasure ship.  Wealth tree.

9 South– Place a thriving plant to bring in success and recognition.   Good for pregnancy.  Add nine items in red:  9 red fish;   Wood Quan Yin;  Amethyst crystals;  Good  luck selling your house if you want to.

6 Northwest–   Heavenly White 6 Star is Lucky with Travel, Helpful People, Patriarchs, Foreign Travel.  Bestows opportunity, promotion, advancement.  Man of the house will benefit.  Brings windfall potential to the family in coming year.  If you have a home facing NW, you will enjoy greater abundance this year and an opportunity to come to the attention of someone who can help you get ahead, most likely an older influential person who lives far from you.  Father will become more involved in business pursuits and this could cause some overwork.  Sudden and expected good news and tidy sums for those with NW living rooms or houses facing NW.  Activate with globes, gems, wealth bowls and metal objects for more windfall energy!  6 lucky chinese coins.  Round metal objects, windchimes, bells, and metal singing bowls.  Place a wealth bowl in the NW corner of the living room to help bring in more wealth and opportunities to the household and breadwinner.

Unlucky Houses this Year (direction your house faces):   East, West

Either way:  Northeast and Southeast

Lucky Houses:  North/South axis house

Northwest/ Southeast (just don’t face Grand Duke: SE)

When placing cures for 2013 remember these important tips:

a) Make sure you use a floorplan and/or a good compass so you  locate the exact rooms for the stars.  Use an Iphone or hiker’s compass.

b) Make sure you remedy both the bad and the good sectors.

c) Cures suggested are for ideas.  You do not need all of the things listed.  Pay attention to the element needed.  You might have a metal guitar you play and that would work for the Center.

d) Be sure to use the rooms where the good stars are located.  The more use, the stronger the good energy and effects in your life.

e)If using cures from last year to re-position, be sure to cleanse them before you use  them again.  Use water with soap, native american sage to smudge, or aromatherapy purification oils.

f) State an Intention with each cure and say it to yourself or out loud when placing them in the home or office.  “This windchime is for protection or for my health” is an example.   This helps you connect with that cure or enhancement.  See the results of what you desire as already happening for you.  This process just empowers the cure or remedy.  Be sure you have a clean home when placing the cures as they represent new beginnings and energies.

g) Make sure the cures are all working, not broken, or damaged in anyway.   If throughout the year, some wear out, simply replace.  If you get good quality items they should last all year.

h) No water anywhere in the Northeast during Period 8 ( now until 2023).  You can place outside in areas close to it.

Create a  wish tree.  Branches painted gold.  Add ribbons with wishes.  Place in living room or office.

Gold is hot color for the year!   Women wear chunky gold jewelry.

Other good colors:  Green;  Men: white, grey, gold, metal colors.  Kids wear blue.

We carry some of the feng shui cures in Austin, Texas  should you need any.  Also, go to our website,  and click on Feng Shui Cures to be forwarded to a shop we recommend with good prices.

*Salt Water Cures will be needed as well.   Read our blog article:

Have a Fabulous  Year of the Snake!gold coins

Belinda Mendoza

Certified Feng Shui Consultant, Author, and Teacher,  Austin, Texas



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